attracting talent

what have we got

Initially it’s essential to make an assessment of what we already have.

What we didn’t know until we arrived was that the future MD was right under the shareholder’s nose. Now the shareholders actually knew this, they were very aware of the potential in the current team. The challenge was more about structuring the flow of work to free the space for the senior leadership team to demonstrate effective leadership.

A key value creator achieved in the process is removing the shareholders from the day to day operations (looking towards any future business sale).

Our unique beside manner was important here, we could get amongst the team without threatening anyone’s security. Getting the best out of the team during this review is essential. We brought that refreshing helicopter view on the operations, a quick assessment of how to move forward.

We began to think that this may well be a very brief assignment, and that’s great! we get a lot out of watching you fly solo.

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finding leaders

Having got underneath the flow of work (that’s a case study in itself) we put two proposals to the shareholders. Both were rejected, but the second one ignited an idea in the shareholders and together we came up with Plan C.

This involved coaching one senior department leader to “cross the yard” to run another department where her knowledge of the previous department would improve cohesion and decision making there. We then needed to go to the market and recruit for her role and project manage the induction processes for both.

The shareholders had no experience of recruiting for this type of role as they had performed all the senior decision making roles themselves until this point.

Across our network we have multiple touch points with talented leaders.

We have first hand experience of what attracts good people and how to search for senior staff, structure the team, prepare solid role descriptions, thorough interviews, remuneration packages and contractual essentials.

making the difference

Shareholders, investors including VCT and Private Equity are routinely seeking executives that can make the difference.

Appointing us as NED gave us the gravitas within the organisation and allowed us to bring objectivity to a sensitive move. The whole process took 3 months.

We are now onto other duties supporting more accelerator initiatives with the support of the team who have evidenced our honest approach and now we are building on that trust. Teamwork.

Our client was naturally concerned how quickly we could move to the new solution, especially delivering increased contribution to the overheads now that they had another salary to cover. Our experience bringing change to public and private organisations helped here, we could whisper what we know works and share ideas with the new senior management team.

We short circuited the induction period to get an early win for the team. They did all the rest themselves.

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it's about people

We are happy sharing our experience and insight with you, having held senior roles in large public and private organisations you can tap into that history.

We are investors too, we share the skills from across our portfolio with you. We are practiced at building winning teams of strong effective senior managers.

Ultimately its about you and your fulfilling your plans for growth. When you have what you need, our work is done and we leave you to it.