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Our client called us to help when it’s key commercial leader stepped out of the business for some personal leave. They knew our ability to step in without a drama.

The other board members were at maximum capacity, so no one could take on the additional tasks. With very brief handover notes we stepped in to coordinate the sales team and keep the lights on.

We gathered basic data from our early MS Teams calls (mid Pandemic). Our experience in senior management roles brought with it project management skills, including crisis management and we quickly got to work on the low handing fruit.

The data and lack of it demonstrated the benefit of streamlining the processes and using a modern system but as we were asked to “hold the fort”, no need to disrupt, just maintain, you might think.

Well it’s always about people and the team were keen to make changes when we outlined a few moves that could be made with minimal disruption and delivering significant data improvements at acceptable cost (less than £5,000) …. bingo

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After charting the process and capturing data from several sources not previously used, we sketched out how we saw a system working and put a small pilot in place.

We deployed a web accessed system to control all traffic with all prospects. We choose a software as a service “SAAS” solution as it kept costs low and the implementation was all done inhouse.

We moved all contact with the customer into the Customer Relationship Management System “CRM” and replicated all the reports that the team were currently running on Excel.

Excel didn’t die altogether now it was used for more analysis ( we have learned to leave that old comfort blanket in place), but all leading reports and KPIs were now coming from the CRM system, available real time to all sales staff (and board members) on Apps on their phones. (The time saved replacing all the duplication and wasted time rekeying data on Excel was itself enough to mean this project was a 100% ROI in year 1).

making a real difference

We quickly got the staff comfortable with processing their customer communications and recording each prospect through the funnel in a systematic way.

Now we knew AT ANY TIME the size of our sales funnel at each stage of that funnel. Previously this information was only available once per month and for the total funnel.

The configuration was initially prepared by ourselves but readily changeable by the client.

On return to work the Commercial Director was relieved that the heavylifing was done and she was the best person to help with the next stage reporting configuration.

Given our bedside manner, and seemless integration of the new system, we are now targeting savings across processes in other departments.

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We are happy sharing our experience and insight with you, having held senior roles in large public and private organisations you can tap into that history.

We are investors too, we share the skills from across our portfolio with you. We are practiced at building winning teams of strong effective senior managers.

Ultimately its about you and your fulfilling your plans for growth. When you have what you need, our work is done and we leave you to it.